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See below for some videos of a range of First Voices participants (including teaching artists) talking about their experiences.

Fort Peck participant video

The video below is a compilation of background shots and interviews with participants talking about their experiences at Fort Peck.

Jordis testimonial

Community Member: Jordis Ferguson

Jordis is one of our mature student participants. In the video below she talks about why she feels the First Voices project is important. This relates to her experience at the workshops held in Fort Peck (May 2023).

Scott Smoker testimonial

Teaching artist: Scott Smoker

Scott is the videographer for First Voices on the Fort Peck Reservation (all the the video relating to the project you see on this site was shot by him).

Scott is also a teaching artist, leading participants through videography workshops and teaching them fundamental principles of lighting / camera work etc.

In the video below he answers the question: "What are three things you take away from your experience with First Voices?"

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